Windigo Gaming wins a silver medal

Our team played the grand final of Nations Elite Esports Cup today, the enemy was team  AGO Gaming, and the match itself featured a best-of-five format. According to the draft, Nuke and Mirage were banned. The rest of the maps were played as follows: Cobblestone, Inferno, Train, Overpass and Cache.

 AGO Gaming started the first map on the T side and won 10 rounds in the first half.  Windigo Gaming got in the game in the second half where forced a fight in the first five rounds, but then lost the initiative to the rival, who later won the 1st map. Inferno's first half was rather intense. The score had been 8:7 in  AGO's favor by the side switching. Everything ended fast in the second half, though: the Poles took an 8-round streak and earned a second point in the series. The third map was under control of  Windigo Gaming who got 12 rounds while playing the CT side.  AGO tried to comeback in the second half, but our guys finished off the enemy, thus making a 2:1 score.

Everything ended on Overpass. It was another tough first half that ended with a 8:7 score in favor of  Windigo Gaming. However,  AGO did manage to force their pace in the second half and thus earn some points. The  Windigo Gaming players never got control over the game back. 3:1 in  AGO Gaming's favor.  Windigo Gaming finish second and earn 3500 USD.