Windigo Gaming will play in the LAN Finals of ESL Southeast Europe Championship Season 8

Tomorrow, on December 8, our main team will play LAN Finals in ESL Southeast Europe Championship Season 8. This tournament will last all day in Romania, Bucharest. There will be 4 team:  Nexus Gaming,  Locastic Esports,  BPro Gaming and  Windigo Gaming.

Tournament will have classic Olympic system, team leaving the tournament after first losing (single-elimination). All matches of the tournament, including grand-final, will be played in bo3 format. Also, our team will start this tournament from semi-finals. For winning in ESL Southeast Europe Championship Season 8 we need to win 2 matches. Our first match will be against team  Nexus Gaming, at 13:00 CET. On other semi-finals team  BPro Gaming will play against  Locastic Esports.

Overall prize pool of this championship is €10,000. The winner will get €5,000, second place — €2,500, and the third / fourth — €1,250. Also, Winner will get slot in ESEA S30 - Climber Cup and BGW Invitational. The second tournament also will be held in Bucharest on December 9. There will be 4 teams:  Vega Squadron,  AVANGAR,  Sprout and the winner of ESL SEC Season 8. Prize pool of the second tournament is €50,000. It has the same system as ESL SEC Season 8.

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