Windigo Gaming finish 3th-4th at ESEA Season 26: Main Division — Europe

Our team had two matches today. The first one was against  GODSENT within Nations Elite Esports Cup, and the second one against  Nemiga at ESEA Season 26: Main Division - Europe.

The match against the Swedes didn't decide anything since both teams would advance out of the group regardless of the result. Nevertheless, a team winning today would take the first place in the group.

 GODSENT showed a decent attack on the first map, Train, and got 10 rounds in the first half. They faced problems on the CT side, but they did manage to win. The second map, Inferno, was rather even and both teams showed the exact same halves (9:6 and 6:9).  Windigo Gaming turned out to be stronger in overtime and leveled the score by maps. The decider was Cobblestone where  Windigo Gaming played well on the CT side and, having managed to keep the initiative, finish off the rival on the T side. 2:1.

The meeting with  Nemiga wasn't very important, either, our team had already made it into the top four of the European division and had already secured a ticket to Premier Division. However, the teams fought for a round sum of the prize fund.

The match started on Inferno which was our players' pick. Having started on the T side,  Nemiga took 12 rounds. The course of the game didn't change in the second half, either, where  Windigo Gaming didn't win a single round. The second map was Mirage where our guys started on the CT side and got four rounds by the side switching, which was enough to get back into the game. However,  Nemiga did get a win in overtime.