Windigo Gaming finish 3rd-4th at CSGOFAST.COM Cup 2

Our team played the semi-final of CSGOFAST.COM Cup 2 against the Swedes from  Red Reserve today. The match featured a best-of-three mode. The following maps were picked: Overpass, Cobblestone и Inferno.

Everything started calmly on the first map. The Swedes managed to win a pistol round on the CT side, but  Windigo Gaming turned out to be stronger in a buy round. Such trades had been going until the side switching, which took place at a 8:7 score in the enemy's favor. The fight went on in the second half, but in the ninth round,
 Red Reserve did find a key to our defense and won the first map with a single streak.

Cobblestone could be called home for forced-buy rounds. The teams were literally trading rounds in the first half, while losing forced-buy ones. By the side switching
 Windigo Gaming had got a minimum advantage of 8:7.  Red Reserve didn't lose a single round in the second half. Having started with a pistol round, they did well in both the first and second buy rounds.  Windigo Gaming had a few chances to fix the situation, but they didn't get to realize them. 8.16.