Windigo Gaming earn their first trophy

Our team had two games today. The 1st one was for a spot in the final of Nations Elite Esports Cup. The rival was  LPSP. The meeting featured a best-of-three format and took place on Mirage, Inferno and Train.

The battle happened to be intense for the opponents. A 19:17 victory on the 1st map was  Windigo Gaming's, then  LPSP answered with a victory in overtime with a 19:16 score. After all that,  Windigo Gaming did away with the enemy on the decider with 13 rounds won on the CT side, thus not giving  LPSP a chance to comeback. We're going to play the final against  AGO tomorrow. The meeting will be best-of-five, and a winner will return home with 7600 USD.

The 2nd match was within the grand final of Esports Balkan League Season 1, where  Windigo Gaming played against team Valiance. The map pool consisted of Cache, Train и Inferno.

It took two maps to find the strongest.  Windigo Gaming showed a good attack on Cache and won 12 rounds in the first half, though after switching to the CT side they did face difficulties. Our guys found an approach to the enemy only on the 11th try but then still they got the first map. The second map was more balanced. The first half ended with a 9:6 in the enemy's favor. This momentum was enough for them to win both the first and second buy rounds.  Valiance tried to turn the tide, but their strength was enough only for two rounds.

 Windigo Gaming are now the champions of Esports Balkan League Season 1. Besides the championship, the team has also earned 11 570 USD. This is the first victory at a LAN even for our team.