Windigo Gaming are the champions of WESG 2018 World Finals

Today, the World Championships called WESG 2018 World Finals, which has started on March 11 came to the very end in the Chinese city of Chongqing. 27 teams from all over the world competed for a champion title and prize pool of $890,000. The list of participants can be found here.

 Windigo Gaming started in the E Group along with  Fnatic and  Movistar Riders. There were only 3 teams in the group, since the fourth —
 ENCE — refused to participate. At this stage, we beat  Movistar Riders with a score of 2:0, and later tied with  Fnatic — 1:1. At the very end of two matches, our team earned 4 points, which made it possible for us to leave the group from the first place.

The way to the playoffs turned out to be really difficult and interesting. In the first match, which was held in the 1/8 playoff, we beat the Argentine
 Furious team with a score of 2:0. In the 1/4 of playoff — the Brazilian  MIBR, which occupies the 5th place in the ranking of the best teams in the world for now. In this match  Windigo Gaming showed their maximum and earned the victory with a score of 2:1. In the semifinals of the tournament  bubble & Co. met with the team from France —  G2 Esports, and showed at least a bright game, winning 2:0.

In the grand finals of the WESG 2018 World Finals,  Windigo Gaming met with  AGO Esports. The match was held in bo3 format, and all 3 maps were played — Inferno, Mirage and Dust 2.  AGO Esports were stronger — at one point they were able to find an approach to our players and made a comeback, completing the map with their victory. Within Mirage and Dust 2  Windigo Gaming won — players showed an incredible level of preparation and confidently completed the match.

At the end of this tournament  Windigo Gaming got the champions title. The team receives a cup and a prize of $500,000. We want to thank all the fans who supported us throughout the tournament. It was unforgettable!

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 Windigo Gaming will go to Germany for the LAN Finals of the United Masters League, where 4 teams will win $100,000 prize fund.