Dota 2

Windigo Gaming are closing Dota 2 & StarCraft 2 divisions

Today we announce that our paths with Dota 2 and StarCraft 2 lineups have diverged. This decision was taken due to the unsatisfactory results. We extend our appreciation to all the players —  Lucky Leha H2O,  sween,  Soultaker,  Harmonie,  Let It Be and  Bly — thank you for cooperation and let the success attend you! Windigo Gaming is closing these divisions and will continue working with the existing CS:GO and Fortnite teams.

Currently, Windigo Gaming CS:GO lineup is presented by an international composition with  bubble,  poizon,  SHiPZ,  Calyx and  hAdji on board. The last two players are on a trial right now. In addition, we also have a youth CS:GO system, which is represented by players from Ukraine:
,  Psycho,  rAge,  Sergiz and  zendik. The third lineup of Windigo Gaming is the Fortnite division, represented by the Ukrainian
 Anton “AVpro” Vashchenko.

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