“We are working as hard as we can”. Calyx & hAdji talking about the new team and training

Not so long ago we have published an interview with  Shockwave, the coach of Windigo Gaming. There he shared information about the changing development thrust, the new roster and the upcoming matches. If you haven’t read it, you can read it right now via this link, and then come back to this material.

Today we have been talking to  Calyx and  hAdji, the newbies of the team who have joined Windigo Gaming in early July. We asked them about joining the team, the training process and the new teammates.

— Hi! Tell us about Windigo Gaming: how have they contacted you and offered to test yourself in a new international roster?
 Calyx: Their CEO has contacted me on Instagram and asked me if I want to play for them within the new roster.
 hAdji: Maksym, the Windigo Gaming CEO, has contacted me on Skype and told me about the willing to make an international roster with the core of Windigo team. And I accepted his proposal without any hesitation, as I knew these players and their potential for a long time.

— You've been training with a new team for more than two weeks. How do you like it here? What was the most memorable during this time?
 Calyx: Atmosphere and the whole team are really great, and I hope it's gonna be like this in the future. For now, I don't have any memorable moment like that, but I believe that we will get some quite soon.
 hAdji: I like how it’s going,  Shockwave is bringing a lot of good ideas and I think bubble is doing a good job as IGL and the captain. Everyone seems to be feeling comfortable and hit their shots during practice. I don't think we can speak about some memorable things, since it’s been only 2 weeks, and we didn't have any officials. But I have to say that I’m impressed by the individual skills of the players.

— Tell us a bit about the training process. How is it going?
 Calyx: Training is going great, and we are working as hard as we can, while preparing for the EPL, as it is the most important thing right now.
 Shockwave is helping us a lot, he is putting good effort and I appreciate him for this. So I can say everything is good.
 hAdji: Well, we have like 5 praccs or 6 per day, with 1 hour or 1 hour and half of theory where we discuss tactics, setups, and how we should play generally. Mainly, its  Shockwave or  bubble who put the input, but I'm trying to bring it as well. What I’ve learned from my CS career is that the team and every member should talk about things they should do and show their point of view.

— What about your personal training? Do you have a specific schedule or a plan for it?
 Calyx: I don’t have something like a routine, but I am playing a lot of FPL and deathmatch, but nothing special.
 hAdji: My individual training is one hour of deathmatch per day, and I am playing some FPL games after praccs. I'm trying to watch some demos as well, taking into account what position I am playing as T and CT, and I also try to bring some cool tricks or strategies that I see.

— Tell us about players and the coach of Windigo Gaming. To whom did you manage to get across first?
 Calyx: Everyone in the team are great both as players and people, they have such a great potential. The coach is working hard as well, so I am happy to play with them.
 hAdji: Everything is good so far.


— Your credo?
 Calyx: Don’t have any still. 😀
 hAdji: I don't have one, but I heard one not so long ago and I found it fascinating: "Success Is Going from Failure to Failure Without Losing Your Enthusiasm".

— If not the esportsman career, then what?
 Calyx: I can’t imagine my life without esports, so I have never thought about this before.
 hAdji: I would be a student in university.

— Your hobby, not taking CS:GO into account?
 Calyx: My hobbies: gym, swimming, cinema — just classic stuff, haha.
 hAdji: I don't really have any hobbies outside of CS. If I'm not sleeping, I’m playing CS or watching it.

— What is your goal for the CS:GO competitive scene?
 Calyx: My goal is to win everything. Just that simple. And to become the best player, but I prefer to bring my team to the TOP, because it's more important than any individual things.
 hAdji: I want to win international titles and to get to the major.

— What is more important for the victory — individual talent of the players or the teamwork?
 Calyx: I think both things should be equal and balanced, because if your teamwork is not enough, it would be harder for you to fight your opponents, who don’t have such problems. And it works the same for the individual thing.
 hAdji: I think the teamwork. But individual talent is also important. I think good chemistry of the players makes a good team.

— What does not suit you totally in the field of esports?
 Calyx: I don't know, haha.
 hAdji: Well, nothing special comes in my mind, I just focus on my team and victory, that what matters.

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