StarCraft 2

The prize pool of $25,000 and the title of champion. What awaits us at Assembly Summer 2019

The first day of the StarCraft 2 LAN competition, Assembly Summer 2019, starts today in the capital of Finland — the city of Helsinki. Within the next three days, 32 professional players will compete for the title of champion, the prize pool of $25,000 and 2,800 WCS WCS Circuit Pts.

The championship will be held within 3 phases: the first group stage, the second group stage and the playoffs. According to the results of the first group stage, the TOP-2 players from each group will get to the second group stage, where they will also play via the Dual Tournament system with the bo3 format of matches. The TOP-2 from each quartet of the second group stage will continue their struggle within the playoffs. Then 8 players will perform within the decisive stage of the competition. The system is single-elimination with the bo5 match format. The grand finals of the tournament will be played within the bo7 format.

 Bly,  Windigo Gaming team official, starts his performance in the championship from the Group E, along with  Stats,  ShoWTimE and
 Bomber. All the matches will be played in one day. The first fight is scheduled for 17:00 CEST — at this time  Bly will meet with  Stats. Then, 18:00 CEST,  ShoWTimE will play with  Bomber. According to these two matches, the following pairs will be formed in the group. You can follow the matches of this quartet (group E) via this link and via the broadcasts: the first and the second.

The prize pool distribution:

  • 1st place — $10,000 and 1,000 WCS Circuit Points
  • 2nd place — $5,000 and 600 WCS Circuit Points
  • 3-4 places — $2,500 and 200 WCS Circuit Points
  • 5-8 places — $1,250 and 100 WCS Circuit Points
  • 9-12 places — 50 WCS Circuit Points
  • 13-16 places — 50 WCS Circuit Points

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