The most prestigious CS:GO league. What shall we expect from ESL Pro League Season 8?

ESL Pro League has been held since 2015 by ESL and ESEA. The online part of the eighth season will be held from October 2 to November 14. In this article we will tell you what to expect from the European division of the competition and why it should be watched.

At this tournament will play 14 best teams from Europe. Among them are  Astralis,  FaZe Clan,  Fnatic,  G2 Esports,  HellRaisers,  Heroic,  mousesports,  Natus Vincere,  Ninjas in Pajamas,  North,  Space Soldiers,  BIG,  AGO Esports and  Windigo Gaming. The majority got to the tournament on the basis of the seventh season of the league, but there are also newcomers. For example,  BIG took the first place at ESEA Season 27: Europe Premier Finals, and  AGO Esports and  Windigo Gaming went to the championship following ESL Pro League Season 7 - Europe: Relegation.

The online part of the tournament will be held in round-robin system twice with the format of matches bo1. It turns out that each team will play 26 matches. In regulation, the winner will receive 3 points, and for the victory in extra time will be credited with 2 points. Note that the loser on overtime team will also receive 1 point.

7 best teams will get to the LAN-finals following the results of the online season. 11 of the 14 participants will guarantee their place in the ninth league season, and the teams, ranked 12-13, will fight for the cherished slots on the ESL Pro League Season 8 Relegation. The team, which performs in the online part of the eighth season is the worst, will lose the right to fight for the slot in the ninth season and will play at ESEA Premier Season 30.

The prize fund of EPL S8 is still unknown. For example, within the European online part of the ESL Pro League Season 7, $105 000 was played. The prize pool of the LAN-finals of the seventh season of the league was $750 000.

ESL Pro League Season 8 is a real holiday for CS:GO fans. The tournament will provide us a huge number of very interesting matches, which you can’t miss. We are sure that you will be in good spirits.

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