Teodor "SPELLAN" Nikolov Benched And Put On Transfer List

Our CS:GO team has undergone certain changes. The in-game leader of the team,  Teldor "SPELLAN" Nikolov, has left the active roster. Teodor is now a reserve player and is put on the transfer list. The new in-game leader of the team is  Viktor "v1c7oR" Dyankov.

 SPELLAN will be replaced by  Semion "dream3r" Ganev at the upcoming Zotac tournament. ZOTAC Cup Master 2018 — Europe will run from June 22-24; the winner of this event will receive a slot in the ZOTAC Cup Master 2018 LAN Final.

The CEO of Windigo Gaming,  Maksym Bednarskyi’s comment:

We’ve decided to change the roles in the team and the in-game leader because of the resent inconsistent performance. The squad needs to progress before the EPL. We’re thankful to Teo for everything he’s done for the team’s development. He’s proven to be an excellent strategist and versatile player, but we need to change something as the atmosphere during practice has changed recently. SPELLAN will stream and, if needed, will stand-in in official matches. We’re accepting offers regarding his buy-out according to the agreement at mb@wingaming.gg