SPELLAN on DoplhinCS: "Never play their tournaments!"

There's a new scandal in professional CS:GO. This time it's about the organizer of a tournament called DolphinCS Shoot Em'Up, which ended 5 months ago. 29 June 2017, our in-game leader, performing then by  Outlaws, beat  Binary Dragons with his team in the final of the tournament with a 3:0 score. Yesterday,  SPELLAN twitted that the players haven't received the prize money yet, which is $3,000 for the first place.

According to Teodor, DolphinCS informed them that they would pay the money 2 weeks after the end of the tournament, though the two weeks passed fast and the Lithuanians started to look for excuses. Under the twit, the organizers of DolphinCS Shoot Em'Up wrote that some of the teams have received the money, and this whole thing is due to their contractor stealing the money.  SPELLAN answered that he didn't care about their problems, which DolphinCS responded to with: "You won't get anywhere with your childish acting. Good luck".