Shockwave about Moche XL Esports 2019: “We’ve got prepared for all the rivals. No concessions or omissions”

June 15-16, Portugal hosted the Moche XL Esports 2019 tournament. At the very final of the competition,  Windigo Gaming team has defeated
 GamerLegion with a 2:0 score and thus became the champion, winning $40,000. We have interviewed the team coach and raised up a few questions about the tournament.

— Hello, Shockwave! The Moche XL Esports 2019 tournament has ended on the 16th of June in Lisbon, Portugal. Finally, our Windigo Gaming has become the champion. How do you like the whole championship and the team performance?
— Hello! The tournament was great, very nice atmosphere. There was a small problem with pracc rooms, that's why we were not able to participate in GG.BET Cologne Invitational - ESL One Cologne 2019 Qualifier and fight for the TOP 1 in the world. I will also note the performances of  forZe team on these qualifiers — they proved to be a good replacement. But they didn’t have enough luck to perform better.

Let's get back to Moche XL Esports 2019. This is my first time in Portugal and in the very Lisbon. I was very surprised by the quality of support provided by the organizers. I will also note the capacity crowd at our matches and the matches of our rivals. That has strongly motivated us to act as good as possible and to show a decent game.

Generally about the team: as it was already noted by my teammates, this tournament was very important for us, and we had to show everything that we are capable of. Everyone understood the level of responsibility and thus did their best. We messed the dishes as a team, visited gym as a team, and all the time we were together.

— The best player of Moche XL Esports 2019 is poizon with a rating of 1.38. The whole team has completed the performance in the championship with a rating of 1.22 for the 5 played maps. How did you prepare for this competition?
— We’ve got prepared for all the rivals. No concessions or omissions. We did a deep analysis of all the maps and possible peaks of our opponents. Moreover, we had a specific plan for each map and side. It was not always possible to stick with it, emotions took over and thus we did mistakes. However, thank God, we have given to our rivals no opportunity to realize our mistakes in their favor, which led us to the result we have right now. Also, I want to note the great game of our AWPer-star  poizon and the confident work of our in-game team leader  bubble, who practically made no mistakes in shooting, calls and mid-calls.

— The match with Virtus.pro was quite tense, if we don’t take into account the last map. What did come up with Nuke and Overpass?
 Virtus.pro is a very good team with a good history, and winning over them was a matter of principle for us.

Nuke. We have shown a good game both in attack and in defense — 7:8/ 8:7. The map is not considered to be our strong or medium one, so we did not succeed in realizing our advantages effectively. It was also caused by the emotions and the fact that this is the first map.

Overpass. We confidently started the attack and finished the half quite well — with the 10:5 score. Turning to the defense, taking the pistol and the second round, we led 12:5 and gave up 5 rounds in a row. But we couldn’t change quickly enough because of a good game of our opponents. However, despite the small economic mistakes, we were able to run down the map in our favor.

I do not know what about others, but I was 100% sure in our victory. Even when the score was 14:14 and we were in a situation of "3 vs 4" in favor of the opponent. In that round,  v1c7oR gave the two necessary frags while knocking out and the  blocker peen the opponent's AWP. Still, this is one of our strongest maps.

— The final of Moche XL Esports 2019 with GamerLegion has passed under your order — you won with a score of 16:3 on the Train and 16:8 on Dust 2. Did you manage to sit the opponents or used the drafts for the tournament?
— We were preparing to meet with the TOP 5,  FURIA Esports, in the very final. However, the  GamerLegion team was able to surprise us with their confident game in the semi-finals. Perhaps the jet lag has also pressured the Brazilians — they played their match almost immediately upon arrival. I will also note the good work of nawwk.

Let's go back to the game and start with the peaks. We had an advantage despite the fact that we will always remove Vertigo against them. Nuke and Train maps are pretty good in our pool. The guys from GamerLegion didn't have much time to fix errors on these maps. I can say that the peak was absolutely and completely under our control. The Train map — with an opponent's win rate of 0%. Dust 2 map — after unsuccessful performances at the Europe Minor Championship - Berlin 2019 qualifiers, we drew our conclusions and strengthened it. Well, Overpass is still considered our strongest card.

Of course, we knew our opponent. We had a match up with them in the LOOT.BET Season 2 final on May, which ended with a loss for us, but we made the appropriate conclusions. We were absolutely confident in our game and knew that the rival would not surprise us. Nothing, but high-quality shooting. We were full of strength and determination to win this final. Our opponent decided to have a great lunch before the game, which was also good for us. We completely led this final from the first round to the last one. The result is well-deserved and logical.

— Earlier, Windigo Gaming lost the closed qualifier for the Europe Minor Championship - Berlin 2019 and thus lost the opportunity to get to the nearest Major. What are your plans for this season?
— Regarding the qualifiers for the Europe Minor Championship - Berlin 2019. The  Ancient team, despite the change of the in-game leader, showed very good and confident preparation just in a month. A lot of featuring and risky thinks, but almost everything worked against us.
 NoChance team showed an amazing gaming style: a confident game, excellent mid-colls, and we simply did not have enough experience to play against such a style.

It can be said that these qualifiers were completely unsuccessful for us. We did not feel the game, we snowed ourselves with insecure calls that have worked on praccs, but did not work with these opponents. Having set too fast tempo, we did not stop, did not balance the economy, and thus put ourselves in a difficult situation, relying on qualitative and effective shooting. However, it did not happen.

I would say that we failed the preparation for the Europe Minor Championship - Berlin 2019 qualifier, as we went to Dallas with a replacement, and on our return we only had 3 days of practice. The teams of our group have demonstrated better training. Next time we will not allow such laxity before the most important tournament of the year. We made conclusions and conducted work on the bugs. Plans for the future are the secret information just for now. Follow us and our official announcements.

— Thank you for your answers! We wish you great success and many more new victories!
— Thanks to Windigo Gaming for the insane trust and endless support. Thanks to the fans of the whole world that you believe in us. It is insanely motivating and inspiring feeling that makes us better every day and allows to beat our limits! And, of course, follow my Instagram via this link if you want to see how the training is going from the inside. You can also ask me questions there. I will find time to answer everyone.

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