Shockwave about ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe

During October 17-19  Windigo Gaming were performing at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe tournament in London. Our team made it into the Group D along with  G2,  Natus Vincere and  HellRaisers. Following the results of three matches,  bubble & Co. took the last place in the group and thus left the competition, "falling" into the Relegation stage. We have interviewed  Shockwave — the team coach — about things that went wrong at this competition.

 Aleksandr "Shockwave" Netreba, Windigo Gaming coach, comments:

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, we haven’t left the group at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe and thus we “got” to the Relegation stage. This was the first LAN tournament for the current lineup, and everyone set the teeth to show their best game. However, a number of factors didn’t allow us to show off.

Unwellness of the key players is the first factor. The second factor is the human element, since we haven’t got used to each other, and we did not manage to establish a unified position for our actions. In this regard, we gave a lot of rounds in advantage (5 in 3 and so on). Guys gave a lot of energy during the first two days, this was the third factor.

We brought our "A" game to  G2: we scored 13:11 within two maps, but were not able to push around. The game with  Natus Vincere was almost completely dictated by them — we took only 3 rounds in attack on our map. At their peak, we got off to a good start in defense, but, having switched over to the attack, we did not find our game.

The third match we’ve played with  HellRaisers. It was a match for reaching the second group stage. And we haven’t got the game at our peak — mistakes were streaming one by one. We gave a lot of rounds in advantage. At the peak of the opponent, we lost many rounds of defense and finished the first side with a complicated score of 4:11. Having crossed the attack, we started gaining the rounds, but then the mistakes once again.

This group stage has showed all our weaknesses. The writing is on the wall. Now we know what to work on and, most importantly, how to do it. That’s how we will become even stronger. Thank you, guys, for your support!

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