Shockwave about Calyx & hAdji: “It’s very easy to get across to players who want to win and who are ready to give their best”

On the 6th of July Windigo Gaming organization has announced that the CS:GO starting lineup changes the development thrust and goes international —  Calyx and  hAdji joined the team exactly on that day. Please, note that along with the roster change, the team switched the in-game language to English. In this interview  Aleksandr “Shockwave” Netreba told us about the reasons to change the team’s development thrust, the new players and the next official matches.

— Hello, Shockwave! Please, tell us about the reasons to change the growth path and to go international.
— Hello everyone! The main reason was the absence of a common purpose. Our task is to reach the level of TOP-8 worlds best teams just before the end of the year. At the moment, much has already been achieved, but there is still work to be done. After ours victory within WESG 2018 World Finals, we expected a further professional attitude in and out of the game, but this did not happen, and the pressure was turning up with each tournament. One of the visible problems was the problem of self-motivation.

After a “stinker” at the Minor qualifiers, we faced the biggest problem of the lineup - there is no common purpose. Someone does his best to achieve a result, and someone just waits for the result to come.
The decision to go international and to make English the in-game language are the immediate aims of the organization: "The common purpose of the team and the organization. Creating and maintaining the perfect medium for individual and in-team growth."

— Why have you decided to downgrade v1c7oR and blocker to the substitute?
— Why  v1c7oR and  blocker? Believe me, it was a very difficult decision. By this time, each of the players did their best to make the team grow and develop. We could not be in tune with each other during preparation and performances, the only exception was the Moche XL Esports 2019 tournament, where we’ve reached the championship. It is not a secret that the most important factor that allows a player to grow and move forward is to work on his mistakes and thus improve the game. And the great effort plus support that the organization, the coach and the players put, in could not influence the situation.

— How were you looking for the new players and why did you choose Calyx and hAdji? What were the other variants?
— We used to work with  Calyx earlier within DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 — and I really liked his buuf and human qualities. I am sure that this lineup will help to elicit its potential. I met  hAdji at the testing stage, I really liked his focus on the game and the implementation style of the game moments. He is a very motivated player with good and proper goals. We’ve tested different players, however, it was also important for the player to squeeze in a team. These players are ideally matching the core theam.

— As a coach you have to work with players for a lot, especially if they are new to the lineup. Tell us about Calyx and hAdji in details — how do you work with them?
— It is very easy to get across to the players who want to win and who are ready to do their best. However, the most important thing for me is that each of them has their own unique perspective and experience, which helps us to play diverse and unpredictable CS:GO.

— Now you do not have any official matches and tournaments, but you just pracc. What about the next official meetings or some qualifiers?
— Yes, for now we are tightly training and working with our communication, still less than a month has passed since English has become our in-game language. I am very pleased with this, now we are on the same page. The next official matches will be in August — meet the ESL Pro League Season 9 - Europe: Relegation. Finally, I want to thank all the fans who sincerely supported us. Thank you so much!

Don’t forget to follow Shockwave on Instagram via this link, and also Windigo Gaming pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned!

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