Poizon: "My dream is to win a Major"

 Valentin "poizon" Vasilev, a 20-year-old Bulgarian, has become a member of  Windigo Gaming on 26 September. In an interview that he gave us, he spoke about his start in Counter-Strike, his professional career, dreams, idols and much more. Have a nice read!

— Poizon, hello. Tell us please how did you get into the world of computer games, what was your first game and how did you start playing Counter-Strike?
— Hey there! I started playing video games when i was 4 years old on PC and PS2 and my very first game was CS 1.5. Well, when CS:GO was released in 2012, i didn't know if i wanted to buy it though but my uncle made a surprise for me and bought it for me for my 14th birthday. After that day, my whole life changed.

— At what point did you realize that you want to do CS:GO professionally and become a e-sportsman? How did your friends and relatives react to this?
— I always wanted to go professional and it just happened one day. My relatives didn't like it at all at first because i spent so much time in the game and also spent so many nights without sleep while i had to go school and look after my little brother, but after that i started making some money from cups and leagues, after they saw me making money from the game i had no problems at all.

— On October 26th you became a part of Windigo Gaming. Why did you decide to continue your career playing for this team?
— Well, first of all, Windigo is the best CS:GO team in Bulgaria and it was big opportunity for me to play in such a team because i knew SHiPZ and blocker from before, we have played some months together and also we attended some LANs together, so it's kinda like brothers’ reunion from the past. Of course i wanted to join because i knew if i would join we could reach top 20 in no time because the team was missing some firepower and AWP, so i was kinda like missing piece for the team.

— What is your dream? What goals do you set for yourself in eSports?
— My dream is to win a Major of course. Also to be a part of CS:GO Community and eSports for my whole life.

— Who is your idol in CS:GO?
— My only idol is dev1ce, i hope one day i can meet him or even play against him on LAN, it is kinda like dream to me as well.

— Tell us about your new teammates. Describe each one of them in one word. Which ones are closest friends to you?
— Like i said, i re-united with blocker and SHiPZ. They are like brothers to me. bubble is a very nice and intelligent guy and v1c7oR is a headshot machine.

— Tell us about your nickname. Why do you perform under the nickname Poizon?
— Hmm, back in the days when i was 10 or 11 years old, i was playing minecraft and there were skins with different names... So i picked poiz (it was trollface) and i stuck with it... Some years after i started to play CS:GO and people started calling me cheater, so i added "ON" in my nickname and if i had bad day i was switching my name from "poizON" to "poizOFF"... One day i decided just to stick with poizon because on my first LAN in Bulgaria i had to choose whether i want to be poiz or poizon, so i choose poizon.

— If it there were no CS:GO, what would you do?
— If CS:GO didn't exist i would probably try go to professional in League of Legends, i was kinda good at it.

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