P2000 in CS:GO — useless even for free

The defense side has a choice of a starting pistol. There are only two options — P2000 and USP-S. On paper, the difference between these devices is barely noticeable, but the absolute majority of pros choose USP-S. Among all the characteristics, three key differences can be distinguished. This is the amount of ammunition, accuracy and presence of a silencer.


The P2000 has 13 cartridges in the container and 52 in stock, which is a total of 65. USP-S has 12, 24 and 36, respectively. Despite a twofold advantage in the general stock and a slightly larger container, the P2000 does not benefit from this. Even with mediocre firing accuracy, a player with USP-S will have enough ammunition to kill 2-3 opponents.


In terms of accuracy, the USP-S unquestionably outperforms P2000. Standing, sitting down, on the move and even crawling, a player with USP-S will be more accurate than a player with P2000. This is true, both for the first shot, and for discharging the entire container case. It is worth noting that both pistols kill from the first headshot at distances of up to 45 meters.

Shots from the USP-S "fall" closer to the first shot than the P2000 and with a smaller spread in the vertical. Because of this, at any distance, the USP-S will be more accurate.


The silencer is only for USP-S. It is attached by default and without it, a gun is useless in general. It's getting worse than itself and than P2000. The silencer does not remove the sound of the weapon, but it makes it much quieter. Together with
this, the dimensions of the pistol itself are also growing. This balks especially
when trying to hide from the enemy.


Overall, the P2000 is not the worst pistol. It perfectly copes with the typical tasks for the pistol round. The "problem" is that the USP-S is better at the distance and is on an equal footing in all other situations. It is universal, and therefore P2000 is not in demand.

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