Moche XL Esports 2019: tournament details and matches schedule

From 15 to 16 June, Moche XL Esports 2019 tournament will take place in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. 6 participants, including  Windigo Gaming,  BIG,  GamerLegion,  FURIA Esports,  Virtus.pro and the winner of the  Master League Portugal S3, will fight for the title of the champion and the prize fund of $75,000. The matches will be hosted by Altice Arena, it can accommodate 20,000 spectators.

The championship will be held within a single-elimination system with the bo3 format of matches. Please, note that  Windigo Gaming and
 FURIA Esports received the highest seeding, so they will start their performance from the semifinals.  BIG and  Virtus.pro will fight within the first pair of the quarter finals, and the second one is for  GamerLegion and the winner of the  Master League Portugal S3.

Matches schedule:

  • 11:15, 15.06 Master League Portugal Grand Final
  • 15:30, 15.06 BIG vs  Virtus.pro
  • 19:30, 15.06 GamerLegion vs  MLP winner
  • 11:15, 16.05 Windigo Gaming vs  BIG /  Virtus.pro
  • 15:30, 16.05 FURIA Esports vs  GamerLegion /  MLP winner
  • 19:30, 16.05 — Grand Final

As it was mentioned earlier, the total prize pool of the championship is $75,000. And it will be distributed among all teams: the winner will receive $40,000, the vice-champion will receive $20,000, $6,000 are for the 3-4 place, and $1,500 — for 5-6 place.

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