Mirbit: "I believe we can become a top contender, if we work hard enough"

September 14, we have announced the new  Windigo Gaming addition in the person of о 22-year-old  Sabit "mirbit" Coktasar — he becomes the 5th player. Today we decided to touch base with him and to ask about getting a team, his personal goals, tournaments and communications.

— Hello! Please, tell us how have you made it to get into Windigo Gaming?
— The CEO,  Maksym Bednarskyi, has contacted me via mail and asked if I wanted to join the team on a trial basis.

— What have you heard about us earlier? What made you accept the proposal?
 Windigo Gaming is very strong and truly upcoming team this year. After talking to the coach of Windigo Gaming,  Shockwave, and their IGL,  bubble, I was quite certain that I can contribute a lot to this team.

— What are the nearest tournaments for Windigo Gaming updated roster?
— Now we are playing the European Champions Cup and OGA Counter PIT Season 6. A new SECTOR: MOSTBET tournament is already about to start. However, our focus is ESL Pro League Season 10: Europe, which starts the next month.

— What are your personal goals within this team?
— I believe we can become a top contender, if we work hard enough.

— Tell us about the communication in the team. Is it difficult for you to communicate during and outside the game if each player isn’t a native English speaker?
— Obviously it isn’t perfect when it comes to communication right now, but over time it will only get better.

— Describe each of your teammates and the coach in one sentence or a few words. With whom cooperation is the “easiest” for you, and with whom is it “harder”?
 Shockwave: hardworking and funny guy.  Bubble: calm and good IGL.  HAdji: smart and overall great player.  Calyx: shy, but very skilled.  Poizon: quiet, but very strong awper.

— And what about the team leader? What were the features of working with the captain in your previous teams and which ones can you note in Windigo Gaming?
— Since I was playing in German teams before, most of the IGLs preferred slow and structured style. In this lineup it’s a learning process for everyone, so we can find the perfect mixture of slow and explosive game play.


— The best tournament operator?
— ESL.

— The best tournament?
— ESL One Cologne.

— The best professional player thus far?

— The best professional team presently?

— Your favorite map?
— I like all the maps in the competitive map pool.

— Your favorite device?
— I don‘t have a favorite weapon.

— What would you like to change in CS:GO?
— First bullet accuracy, M4A1-S buff, TEC-9 buff, SG nerf and make all the unused weapons viable.

— What makes you mad in CS:GO?
— When I’m playing pugs vs "worse" players and lose.

— To rise the amount of majors and their prize pool or to make special The International?
— I like the way tournaments are working so far.

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