Maksym Bednarskyi: "We are dynamically developing in many aspects"

— Maksym, good afternoon. On October 31, 2018 Windigo Gaming turns 1 year old. Tell us about what plans have you had for the year after the signing of the team? Have you managed to bring everything to life?
— Hello. The year passed very quickly. I am glad that we are dynamically developing in many aspects, ahead of the competitors that were in the market before us. The plans included:

  • to create the infrastructure of a e-sports professional club, whose assets would include several teams, a training base and a e-sports arena;
  • to select staff for the club and organizational activities;
  • sports results of teams — to assemble teams for participation in professional tournaments, to go through the qualifiers for major international tournaments;
  • to build a fan base;
  • to enlist the support of sponsors.

We coped with most of the tasks with good performance, and were able to declare ourselves on the world stage, passing through ESL Pro League Season 8. In the opening matches, we managed to score 60%+ of possible points. In general, I am pleased with the results shown in the first year of the organization.

— What about the academy? At the end of March 2018, the organization signed young Ukrainians, who began performing under the Windigo Academy tag. Does the organization have any plans to create the strongest Ukrainian team of young players, providing them with everything necessary for a comfortable game?
— We believe in the Ukrainian youth, so we decided to gather the best amateur players from all over Ukraine to the academy, with the expectation of raising future stars of the world e-sports scene. After 3-4 months of training and a few point permutations in the composition, the academy team was able to join several international tournaments.

— Before Windigo Gaming, you worked for HellRaisers for 2.5 years. Can you compare now these two organizations and tell how they differ?
— In HellRaisers more experienced players were gathered. At Windigo Gaming, we focus on the future, because we know how to organize the training process correctly. There are also differences in the structure of the organization — HellRaisers don’t have assets other than their players. Today, we have one of the largest e-sports arenas in Europe and a training base with all the necessary conditions for players.

— What are your future plans for Windigo Gaming? What awaits the organization and its fans? Are there any plans to sign players for new disciplines, and if so, what shall we expect?
— Next year we’ll mainly focus on sporting results. Our goal is Major tournaments. We are constantly in the mode of searching for talents in different disciplines, but, unfortunately, the monetization and development of the scene in different disciplines does not allow us to sign the teams of the desired level. We analyze in which disciplines we can achieve only the highest results, using existing resources. Perhaps soon there will be announcements. Follow our social networks and site.

— Tell us about the organization itself. Why did you choose the name Windigo Gaming and what is depicted on the logo?
— The logo depicts a team mascot — an owl. We came up with the name and implemented the logo very quickly. We like the mystical links associated with our tag. Maybe soon we can see a small rebranding of the logo in a more mystical interpretation.

— On September 23, 2018 e-Sports club named Windigo Arena opened in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Tell us a little about it and how it’s connected with Windigo Gaming? Do you have any relation to it?
— Arena is a separate business unit in our infrastructure. If this project will have success in Dnipro, we will expand both in Ukraine and in foreign markets. At Windigo Arena there are 174 of the most powerful gaming stations for training and holding amateur tournaments, in which we hope to find future talents. There is also a lounge area, a bar, a VR area, 3 zones with games consoles and a stage with an auditorium for holding and watching sport events. I am the managing partner of the Arena and I am engaged in its development.