Is it worth taking a CZ75-Auto after nerf? Pistol, that liked everyone

Some time ago, Valve company changed price of the most popular pistol — CZ75-Auto. At the same patch Valve improved Tec-9. That's why we have a question, is CZ75-Auto still actual?


Changes concerned to a two pistols:

  • CZ75-Auto became less accurate, but stabilizes faster;
  • Tec-9 became more accurate and also stabilizes faster.

Also, after losing pistol round, your team will earn $1900 ($1400 before patch).

CZ75-Auto — automatic pistol for a short distance

There were a few changes of CZ75-Auto. Valve changed ammunition, shooting speed, weapon change speed and other parameters. Before the patch CZ75-Auto was good at short distances (up to 8 meters) and could be a good weapon for 18-19 meter distance. This characteristics pretty similar to FAMAS, but with 4 times less price.

Spray on 5, 10 meters distance, and single shots on 18 meters distance

Now CZ75-Auto in auto-mode is good in super-short distances (5-6 meters). This is enough to control narrow points on map, as a zig-zag on Dust 2. On the long distances is better to use single shots, a good point is that CZ75- Auto kills from the first bullet in the head up to 19 meters.

Possible alternatives

Both sides have alternative pistols that cost 500$. Five-Seven for Counter-terrorists, and Tec-9 for Terrorists. Tec-9 was really popular before nerf, and now it makes sense to return to this weapon.

Tec-9 spray on 5, 10 meters distance, and single shots on 18 meters distance

Tec-9 is famous for its High shooting speed, as for semi-automatic pistol. This shooting style is very effective on short distances. And can be as effective as SMGs in narrow points. At the moment, single fire form Tec-9 os pretty accurate. Now this pistol can be a good choice for a pistol round for terrorists.

Five-Seven spray on 5, 10 meters distance, and single shots on 18 meters distance

Five-Seven is the third pistol that costs $500, and he is the worst one. He is too accurate on the short distances, and have the same characteristics with CZ75-Auto on Long distances. So, it makes no sense to take a Five-Seven for Counter-Terrorists.


CZ75-Auto Is still good choice for short distances. Luckily, there are good narrow points in every map, where CZ75-Auto will be the most effective. On the long distances this pistol is still effective, but only in single fire. Alternative pistols, like Tec-9 and Five-Seven will become more popular. They won't be as effective on short distances as CZ75-Auto, but they are easier to control on longer distances.