Interview with Player of Windigo Gaming Yanko "blocker" Panov

— Today, we'll talk to the new member of Windigo Gaming,  Yanko "blocker" Panov. Can you tell us more a bit about yourself? How did you start playing CS:GO? How long have you been playing CS?
— Hello everyone, my name is Yanko Pankov, you might know me as blocker. And I have been playing CS:GO professionally for 4 years now. My last professional team was  Bpro. And a month ago, Windigo bought my contract.

— Who contacted you first regarding joining Windigo? Was it difficult for you to leave Bpro?
— Actually  SPELLAN asked me to replace him at that period of time. It was an easy decision for me, because Windigo is on another level in comparison to Bpro. So I followed my dream and joined Windigo. I think this is what every player wants.

— You have been here at bootcamp for a week. Do you like your gaming house? Is it your first bootcamp outside your country?
— Yeah! The gaming house is pretty cool. We have everything that we need here. So it’s a perfect place for practice. Yes, it’s my first bootcamp outside Bulgaria.

— We know that you played with  SHiPZ in BPro. Did you know anyone else in the team? How did the guys react to your signing? Do you feel comfortable with your entry fragger role? Which was your role in Bpro?
— Yes, I knew SHiPZ before, we played together for some period of time. But I didn’t know anyone else from the team before. But the team was very friendly to me. I think everyone is happy, and we are doing great. We have some chemistry between us. So I believe we will do well. I am playing the same role here as I did in Bpro. I am the second entry fragger, so I feel comfortable here.

— You played Zotac Cup with Windigo and then you were signed officially. Did you feel extra pressure at that event?
— No pressure at all! We all came there just to enjoy the game. We showed our game, awesome communication and did great at that event.