Interview with Coach of Windigo Gaming, Anton "ToH1o" Georgiev

We had a chance to talk with the coach of Windigo Gaming,  ToH1o. Anton told us about the bootcamp, roster changes, new IGL and a little bit about himself.

— How is the bootcamp going? What are your main goals at this moment?
— We had a roster change as you already know, so the main reason for this bootcamp is to build a team with the new member, work on the team;s chemistry, unity and discipline before the ESL Pro League.

— At the beginning of July, Windigo played in two LAN events, the GG League in Poznan and the Zotac Cup in Milan, also the team competed in the closed qualifiers for the Minor. How can you summarize that period of time?
— The GG League was not a bad tournament for us. I can say that we did well in Poznan. We were prepared enough for this event but unfortunately I think X-Kom were better at that time. The Zotac Cup was completely different from the other tournaments. We played with two stand-in's who were very motivated to prove themselves and surprise everybody. At that event we played without any fear, our communication was on point, the team's chemistry was good, every thing was smooth at that event. The closed qualifiers for the minor was so weird. We had all the chances to make it, but didn't manage to use them to close the important rounds.

— After the GG League, the team decided to bench  SPELLAN. Can you tell us more about that decision? What was the main reason of SPELLAN’s kick?
— After the GG League was not the first time we talked about roster changes. We'd had a tough conversation with all the team members after the MDL Challenge Cup in London. We had that talk because of many internal issues. After the conversation, we decided to give SPELLAN a second chance. The main problem with the SPELLAN's behavior appeared during the matches. After the GG League, we all decided that we needed to move on without him.

— Right after GG League, Windigo played in the Zotac Cup Qualifier with two stand-in's. We saw  blocker at that event for the first time. How did the team choose blocker? How can you describe blocker as a CS:GO player and person in real life?
— First of all, blocker is a super motivated young guy. He is close to  SHiPZ's level of play. They played on the same team,  Bpro, for some period of time, too. SHiPZ gave us a lot of information about blocker. So we'd known his strong and weak points before he joined our team. We had a team chat where we all decided that blocker was the best option for us. This guy can compete with top level teams for sure.

I really cannot tell you about blocker as a person yet, because we haven't spent enough time together, only a week at the bootcamp and four days in Italy at the Zotac Cup. As I've already said, this guy is very motivated, but sometimes he can tilt for not killing someone during a game, but we talk about it a lot after the games, I give him advice, keep him calm and positive before our matches.

 Bubble became the IGL after SPELLAN's kick. What has changed since Bubble became the captain? Did you change your game style and positions on the maps?
— After we benched SPELLAN, we had a conversation with the team about the IGL role. We had three choices, PNSR, SHiPZ and Bubble. We decided to choose a guy with the most experience. We believe that Bubble is perfect for this position. We've changed a lot with Bubble, now we're more open to new stuff. We're trying to make a new meta in our team and we're trying to adapt for metas of the other teams that are playing in the EPL. We are trying to be more aggressive now, trying to not give space to our enemies.

We've changed some roles as well. Bubble is now the IGL and the AWP guy, we're trying to use SK's IGL style. SHiPZ plays more on a lurk role instead of the entry one, Blocker is an entry fragger with v1c7oR. Now we're trying to come up with new rounds, trying to learn as much stuff as possible before the EPL.

— Windigo fans want to know more about ToH1o. How can you describe yourself as the coach? Do you work more on tactics or motivation and discipline on the team? Who is the best coach in CS:GO in your opinion?
— Sometimes guys call me their father. I try to work on everything, starting from a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I'm strict about the discipline. We have a rule that discipline has to be on top. I work a lot with Bubble on tactics now. I watch many demos every day and I suggest demos to Bubble. I make prematch and postmatch analysis, I give him ideas and advise before our official matches. I try to keep guys focused for every match.

Nowadays there are many good coaches in CS. I like  Johnta,  Imapet's game style, I think they are very smart guys. But I think without a doubt that  zonic from Astralis is the best one at the moment.