How to train CS:GO effectively? 3 advice by Psycho on how to become a professional

The official website of the Windigo Gaming esports organization continues to get to the readers with great blog posts and interesting topics. Today, our hero is  Psycho — captain of the  Windigo Academy CS:GO roster. He will talk about effective CS:GO trainings and the breakthrough achieving.

Permanent and stable individual training

The first thing on my list, and, perhaps, the most important thing in general, is about permanent and stable individual training. You need to shoot bots, play Deathmatch, fire grenades, play mixes, watch demos of the professional teams, watch your own demos, mark the mistakes and try not to make them the next time. This list can go on, but I think that the message is clear — everything that can improve your game and understanding. You bet — constantly and stably. So the advice is about everyday training for 4-10 hours. The fruits of your labor will become noticeable quite soon, if you use common sense.

The team training

Team needs to play 3-6 praccs per day. And before these matches, you need to discuss and to add rounds that you will train — both individually and as a team. It is very important to share information during the game in a qualitative manner: what do you see, what do you hear and what do you do. So keep in mind these 3 points and stick to them when you play. Also, do not be afraid to show initiative both in your own actions and the team ones.


Every player who wants to succeed and get better needs to work on self-control. This will help to shoot stably and settle in balance, as well as never give up — one of the most important points and a matter of the current report. And this is the case. You should also focus on what is here and now. Set goals, make plans and achieve them. The main thing is to believe in yourself and things you do.

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