How to make successful LIVE bets with VBET

90% of bettors choose betting LIVE — and that’s not for nothing. But this type of betting will be quite complicated for the “greens” because of all the unforeseen circumstances. So, let’s put it simple — LIVE betting is about watching the broadcast and guessing the outcome of the game in real time. If you're smart and lucky enough, you get the win. But if you do not develop any strategy and do not follow the bank, then probably your bet will lead you to loss.

LIVE betting has unlimited opportunities for earnings, but it is important to analyze the fights, to understand the discipline and to have experience. That’s how you win. And even more — your reaction and the ability to make decisions instantly leads to the real and constant winnings.

What about the advantages of LIVE betting? First of all, such stakes are the scratch game. Secondly, just after 10-15 minutes of watching a game you are able to evaluate the dynamics of all the participants and thus — make the right decision. Of course, if you have enough experience. And finally, you can watch several matches at the same time. A very thoughtful analysis of one single match will not give such opportunities as the simultaneous betting on several matches. Experienced bettors usually use this to increase odds and the number of bets. Moreover, emotions, adrenaline and thrill of the competition are the things that attract the bettors.

How to place a LIVE bet on VBET? Just enter the VBET website, find the “IN-PLAY” section and click on the selected event among the list for rates. Then click on the selected ratio and specify a certain amount. The bet is done. It would be better if you make some decisions and strategy before the match and analyze the upcoming meeting.

Our main advice to make your LIVE betting successful is to watch the broadcast from the very start to the very finish. First of all, it will bring the unforgettable emotions, secondly, you will receive an irreplaceable experience from each match, and thirdly, that’s the way to make the right decisions and the right bets.

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