How to make a good CS:GO coach and lead your team to the victory? 3 tips for beginners in mentoring by Shockwave

Hello! My name is  Aleksandr Netreba, commonly known as  Shockwave. As a coach, I am taking the condition of  Windigo Gaming CS:GO starting lineup. Together we’ve won the WESG 2018 World Finals with a prize pool of $890,000. And today I will give you some tips on how to make a good CS:GO coach and lead your team to the desired victories.

Demo screencasts

Watch the demos of your team and try to find out what can be done better and more efficiently. In order to raise options and ideas, you can watch demos and live broadcasts of the world's TOP-5 teams (you can find an excellent rating on HLTV and rely on it). As a matter of my experience, it is always worth watching games of the strongest and the most effective teams in the very beginning.

The way of playing

Try to determine which style of playing is the most effective. Which game works best: fast or slow, contact or positional, and so on. Further, try to gain efficiency in it and improve. Thus, over some time, your team will be very good at performing this style.

"The same wavelength" with players

You should be in tune with your players, give them an opening in unlocking their potential, and never close them in the world of your game vision. This is probably the most sophisticated advice, because not all the players are up to disclose their thoughts openly and speak their mind. Let’s be clear — your coach eye always differs from your players screen.

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