How to grow in CS:GO team. 3 tactical tips by bubble

Hello! Today I will share with you some tactical tips on a topic of growing in CS:GO, if you are young and inexperienced. How to study, what to study and how to train properly to get better and better every day.

1. Demos of professional teams

The first advice that I would give you, if you are inexperienced in the tactical aspect, is to start with watching the demos of professional teams and trying to understand as much as possible: why do they use the certain actions, why do they make the certain moves, and so on. If you find out the answer to these two questions, you can make your own work plan and thus determine what suits your players. Of course, you can copy any tactics of the professional teams, but the main thing is how you understand the whole round. Also I wanna give you one more advice: while watching such demos, try to pay attention to the timing of the rounds -- use your economic point of view.

2. The gaming style

If you are a young and inexperienced team, you should make a plan of your gaming style. While watching the games of professional teams, you will see different types of styles, so choose one of them and stick to it. Also you can study the professional players who choose the same roles as you do. Take out as much as possible for the role you have chosen. CS:GO is not about individual actions. Teamwork and timing are the most important things in the game. Discipline, practice, loyalty, self-control -- if you are able to follow this, you are ready to become a professional player.

3. Goal

How to study, what to study and how to train properly -- everything is already written above. Another tip that I want to give you: define your goal and achieve it. Never make a plan B, because if you have it, you lose control and trust in yourself. There is only plan A. Stick to it and never give up. Do your best to make your goals real.

In order to train properly, avoid arguing with your teammates during the game. Use a pause to talk about errors and things you did in a wrong way. When you finish the game, use the time that will not affect the next round of the game. It is very important to be fully focused. Trust your team leader and enjoy the game.

Never let the mistakes happen again and again. If you learn this lesson, you will grow every day. One day you won’t believe your eyes, looking at what you have achieved.

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