How to get into Esports? bubble, v1c7oR, SHiPZ, blocker & poizon gave answers

Lots of young players dreaming of connecting their lives with computer games wonder: "How to get into eSports?" or "How to become a esports star?" Unfortunately, many of them surrender at the very beginning of this difficult path beacuse they see too much difficulties. Players of
 Windigo Gaming have answered our question and gave some advices that might be useful.

 Kamen "bubble" Kostadinov

"First, let’s be clear on something. Much like other sports leagues Esports has two types of careers. Those who actually play and those who are part of the infrastructure that supports them. In addition to the career of a pro gamer, there are other Esports career opportunities that may include the following positions: Host, Coach, Journalist, Sales and marketing specialist, Referee, Organization owner, Social media manager, Event manager, Agent, Sponsor, Streamer etc.

However, in this post we are going to focus more on the career of a pro gamer. The following are some strategies that can help with getting into Esports. So whether you’re a young adult, teenager, or the parent of a kid interested in Esports, this article can help you to move in the right direction. Follow these tips to learn how.

  1. Communicate with Other Players. Build your own network of friends that play the same game. This can be easily achieved with the help of in-game chats, specialized forums, or social networks.
  2. Choose A Gaming Platform. After a player has chosen his or her game, it is time to find the most suitable gaming platforms. It can be not only a PC could be Xbox/Playstation.
  3. Join A Team. If you’re planning to play a team game, it is important that you begin to play with an established group of players. You need to play regularly with the same players in order to get used to their play style, and succeed as a group".

 Viktor "v1c7oR" Dyankov

"It is not hard to join the eSports, the hard part is going on with this lifestyle. There is a lot of stuff that affects your personality and your free time, and you have to spend many hours to understand the logic of being an eSports member. You may become a player, a coach or a manager for the team that you like to spend your time with. If you keep doing your job properly and thoroughly, one day eSports will become your whole life.

There’s much more than one basic thing that you need to know for that. But in any case, you will need strong nerves to be a good eSports member, and this activity should make you happy".

 Georgi "SHiPZ" Grigorov

"If you want to work in Esports u don't need to be professional gamer you can be coach, analyst, manager or just do stuff for the organization like social media manager, photographer etc. You need to decide what u want to do and then try to apply to some org. Try to take as much jobs as possible to gain experience and in the internet you can find a lot of stuff to improve your work!"

 Yanko "blocker" Panov

"You just need to set up a team: and put a lot of effort and dedication in the working process, win some online/LAN events and then plan a big thing! Being just a gamer has his cons: the main problem is that if u want to succeed in the Esports as just being a gamer u need to sacrifice a lot from your personal life etc. Apart from being a gamer u can join Esports like an analyst, professional caster or become an organizer of tournaments etc".

 Valentin "poizon" Vasilev

"To get into eSports, you have to sacrifice a lot and it’s not an easy task to deal with, depends on what you want to do by choosing to be a Player, Caster, Coach, Manager, Hoster and etc. Whatever you choose, you should never give up and don’t just "try" or "pretend" being that and you will succeed one day without you even expecting it".