How to get into esports? 3 simple advice by rAge

A spell ago,  Anton “AVpro” Vashchenko, our Fortnite player, has shared some tips for those players who want to improve their skills. Today, the player of our youth CS:GO lineup —  Dmitry "rAge" Bolotov — told us about how to “play” if you want to get into esports.

Full steam training

In an attempt to make it into the “big-time esports”, you need to play individually strongly. In order to do this, you need to train your shooting constantly and to improve the understanding of the game. And don’t forget about watching demos of the professional players and teams. You always need to try things out, review demos of your matches and analyze your mistakes.

There are many leagues where you can try yourself. For example, I can emphasize the CIS Pro League and FaceIT Pro League - Challenger / FaceIT Pro League. You totally need to get your good skills and a good team that shares your interests, and then you can navigate towards a common goal. Just lay down an aim and go for it.

Tournaments are essential towards the success

Various tournaments should be a constant action. If there’s no team, then look for mixes, “collect” something with your friends and play. Championships always show your mistakes better. You will constantly feel responsible for your game and for your actions, that’s how you will gain experience. There you will surely show your real game, because you are always trying to give all the best at the tournaments. After the championships you should watch your games. Even those that you won, but with a close score.

Defeat is not a problem

You should remember that there’s no victory without a defeat. Especially, if we are talking about an important breakthrough. Never give up and do not tilt if you don’t succeed or even lose. Make the proper conclusions, look for that very key and you will definitely find it. As the phrase goes — "No sweet without some sweat". And you hold the keys to the kingdom.

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