How to buff your Fortnite? 3 advice by AVpro

Buffing is a sensible subject in one or another esports discipline, especially for beginners. The most valuable advice are given by professional players who are already up in this discipline. Today,  Anton “AVpro” Vashchenko, Windigo Gaming Fortnite team official, has shared his thoughts about buffing.

Intelligent training

First of all, you need to take both the game and the training process seriously. The daily praccs of all the game elements are required. You have to find time for the aim training, construction, and every other element in Fortnite. Playing with friends just for 5-6 hours does not work if you want to grow. You really need a serious approach and an analysis of things that shrink and thrive.

Practical experience

The second thing is about the practical experience. Some people are practicing all day long, playing creative, training the construction, 1×1 game and do not play the custom matches that are usually simulating the real tournament game. That’s why all their matured skills are useless, and they do not know when and how to use them. As a result, they feel nervous, and so on. That’s why you should develop your sense of the game using the real matches and tournaments. The good results will come eventually and thus you will be noticed.

Defeat as the development stimulus

The third thing is about transferring every defeat to be motivational & development stimulus to train more. Just get off the tilt (in simple words, your dumps and wishes to quit) and get used to analyze the result. You have to learn to understand what should be done for the victory. As everyone knows, none so blind as those who won't see.

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