How to break through yourself to the competitive scene in Fortnite? 3 advice by AVpro

How to make it into the competitive scene or how to become an esportsman — the 2 really frequently asked questions. And the only professional players are the ones who really know the oats. In a new blog post, Windigo Gaming player known as  AVpro talks about getting to the professional scene and gives 3 advice.


The very first and the most important advice on how to bootstrap yourself to the competitive scene and to be noticed by some team is, of course, about the participation in tournaments. No matter how well you play, if no one knows about you and you have never showed up your skill. Thus, there is absolutely no chance to get anywhere. So: you want to participate in all kinds of tournaments, and preferably the high-ranking ones.


Thus, the second advice stems from the first one: in order to show a good level of game and to take prizes in prestigious tournaments, you have to improve constantly. That is why it is very important to train as much as possible, to follow the best players, to learn something from them and add it to your style of the game. However, do not try to play the exact way they do. Look up for your own style in this ego-trip.

Overall tone

Try to be friendly and positive to the community. Look after your game, advance and do not blame anyone for any mistakes. We are human beings, not robots, and thus tend to commit them. Do not emblaze a bunch of scandals around you, no one will even recommend you as a team player, if you have a bad reputation. That's your lot. Play, train, win, move towards your goal and then you’ll become a professional!

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