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How to become a dream team within Dota 2? 4 tips from Soultaker

Hello. My name is Umar, performing as  Soultaker, I am the captain of  Windigo Gaming team in Dota 2 discipline. How to become a dream team — question that's been debated a lot. So I have decided to write a blog post where I shared my thoughts on this topic and even highlighted 4 tips on reaching this status.

1. The level of play

In the first instance, every team member should understand that each of them needs to reach an appropriate level of play! Specifically, if we are talking about Dota 2, your level should be MMR. The average level of MMR in a strong team should be about 5500-6000, in order to perform good — and that’s just to start! Subsequently, this MMR should increase later. 😉

Not only MMR, but also the character, the manners, the language behavior, the “tone of voice” govern players practices. In general, it is necessary to understand whether you can get along with each other. For me personally, the atmosphere in the team comes first, because the team that is not friendly with each other is not a team at all.

2. Proper training and analysis

After you have found players that suit you both within gaming skills and communication, you should start training. You need to train wisely and with the right approach, there should be 2-3 bo2 games (4-6 play-offs) per day, and after each game (or at the end of all games), you should do the analysis. Everything should be disassembled — mistakes, reasons, how you could act differently, and so on. Practice is always more important than theory when we are talking about esports. The more you play, the more you get the gaming experience. That's how it works.

3. Defeat is OK

The team has to be prepared for the defeat. As usually Dota 2 teams break up after one or two defeats. But such defeats are not a real problem. They help to become better. The main thing is to make out what things led to this, and how to fix them. This is the only way to get better. As Michael Jordan said: “Before becoming the best basketball player, I have missed 9,000 shots”.

4. Pro scene

In all conscience, every entrant team needs to follow the professional teams. Namely: how do they play, what they use, what their style of play is, how to move, etc. Then it is worth sharing the nuances that you have highlighted. It will definitely yield.

At this moment I finish my blog and I wish the success to each player. The main thing is to believe in yourself, your team and train constantly. If you wanna more of such blogs, follow Windigo Gaming on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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