Fenn: "I think, in 2019 Psycho will be one of the best captains in CIS"

Not so long ago, the Grand Hotshots Circuit Month 2 ended, and  Windigo Academy won the tournament and € 1,000. We talked with the team coach and captain and asked a few questions about the changes inside the team, the existing problems and trainings.

— Before winning the Grandhotshots Circuit Month 2, there were some changes in team roles. Who is currently taking important positions, and why did you decide to do this? Do you think that the victory is connected with this?
 fenn: Previously  rAge was the captain. He plays with AWP. We’ve decided to give him the opportunity to focus on the personal game, so that nothing will distract him. That has a great impact on the game. Now  Psycho is the captain. I think that in 2019 he will become one of the best captains in CIS. He has a talent.

— What problems do you see as a coach in the team nowadays? How quickly can they be eliminated?
 fenn: There are certain problems with after-plant situations, but we are working on them. I think it will take about a month.

— Does the team have global plans before the end of 2018?
 fenn: Global plans are for 2019. In 2018, we will focus on the training process.

— You are the captain and the in-game leader in the team, where players communicate in their native language. How do you think, you have any communication problems during the game?
 Psycho: Yeah, there are some problems. Every day we work on improving our communication, that’s our aim.

— How often do you train and with which teams do you play praccs? Do you have a day regimen? How much time do the team players give to individual training?
 Psycho: We play praссs with top 1-30 teams of the HLTV rating 6 times a week (3 to 6 praccs per day). We wake up at 10:00, have breakfast and go to the gym (3 times a week), come back at 12:00, have lunch. Then, at 13:00, we begin the training, which ends at 22:00. In addition, there is a 1 hour break for dinner. Individually, players train from two to 3 hours a day.

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