DarkS1DE: "I have a goal to reach TOP-30 in Team Rating"

— Hello, Arthur. Tell our readers about yourself.
— Hi! My name is Arthur, I play with DarkS1de nick and I am 20 years old. I was born in Kiev and live here now. But, when I was 7, I went to Slovakia with my parents and studied there until the seventh grade at school. From the childhood I have been studying 5 languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English, Slovakian and Czech. I study to be a lawyer at fourth grade in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Also, I really like musical instruments, especially the guitar and Piano.

— When and how did you become acquainted with computer games? When did you start playing Counter Strike?
— Firstly, I met with computer games when I was 4 years old. When I looked at how my brother played Korsars on his computer. But, seriously I started playing when my parents gifted me my first computer with the first game- Neverwinter Nights. My video card burned out on the same day, and after changing it I downloaded Counter-Strike 1.6. I played it all days and my favorite mods were Zombie mod and hide’n’seek. By the way, I didn’t play classic mod at all and didn’t realize that there are some tournaments, professional teams and it could be real work in future.

— Why did you decide to be a cyber sportsman and connect life with CS:GO?
— In CS:GO I started playing on the first day after release, at that time game was really unfinished, so I didn’t play on it for half of a year. There, I found that I am pretty good. I found a few people, to play Matchmaking with and trained. When I was Master Guardian Elite, I have already found a small team, where we trained and played practical matches. Now it sounds strange because a lot of gamers playing a lot FACEIT now and train their individual skill a lot before joining any teams. But, as for me, Experience of attempts to make a good team play, made a base for me. And I tried to work with it. With this team, I went to my first LAN where I understood, that I really like it and I want to do it.

— The new stage in your career is Windigo Academy. Tell us about the process of moving to another team?
— By the way, I got this invitation some time ago, but there were some reasons to say no. The main reason was Team, where I played and we showed good results. And we thought that we have an opportunity to become a TOP team if we would save this line-up. But after some time we started playing worse and worse, so some changes were necessary. And I am really glad, that Windigo has already been developed as a team and as the organization, that's why I decided to work together with them. The process of negotiations was in written and oral forms. I saw it more like friendly speaking than official negotiations and I really liked it. I think this method helps to work faster and more effective.

— What prospects do you see for yourself in the Windigo Academy?
— I think, that with hard working and moving on I can reach everything. That's why, if everyone train and outgrow themselves, team level will rise. Also, because a huge amount of work does coach, analyst and organization, I think, that we must rise to a higher level. We just need time.

— Do you have some goals in 2019? And what goals on the team?
— I have a goal to reach TOP-30 in Team Rating, to reach team stability and become better individually. I think Team agrees with me.

— Give a few tips for young players, who want to become pro players and sign a contract with the organization.
— It doesn't matter how much time you spend in the game. The most important is how you spend this time. You should learn something new every day, this is the only one way to move on. If you don’t solve any problems and avoid difficulties, this is your problem and you won’t get any success in the future. And remember, the new information isn’t just something that you heard, you need to analyze it and make a conclusion about it.