Bubble on the Upcoming Bootcamp: "I think the new style will fit our roster perfectly"

Our main CS:GO roster will have a bootcamp in Dnipro, Ukraine on July 14. The team will be preparing for the eighth season of the ESL Pro League and working on new strategies with a new player, who joined Windigo Gaming on June 27.

 bubble's comment:

The purpose of a bootcamp is to fix some stuff outside the game (discipline & spirit). As I'm the IGL, I want everyone to be happy with his role, because it's very important for the team to stay positive and satisfied. We're also trying new things and have already started to work on our new style, which I think will fit our roster perfectly. Mainly you will see the huge difference in our CT side.

Make sure to check out this video to see what our gaming house looks like, if you haven't seen it already.