Bubble on SPELLAN's Kick, Blocker, and the Bootcamp

— A lot of things have changed since the last time you were here. How long will the bootcamp last and what are your plans for it?
— We're going to stay here for 2 weeks. I think it's should be enough time to prepare well for the upcoming tournaments. We're improving the team's chemistry right now and also working a lot on our discipline, new game style and roles in the team. We're working a lot on our CT side and trying to create some interesting stuff for T side, as well. Our main change in the team is that we now have  blocker and  v1c7oR as our entry fraggers, and they've been really great at it so far. I am sure that this new game style will be perfect for our team. We need to keep working hard and improving things outside the game for the upcoming ESL Pro League. These are the main reasons why we're here.

— You are the new IGL of the team. Do you like your new role? Is it new for you? Have you ever been an IGL before? Do you feel any extra pressure? What are your main tasks now in the game and outside the game?
— I do not feel any pressure at all. Back in the days I was the IGL in some mixed teams just for a tournament. I feel confident and I like my new role very much. I think I have some experience in this game and I can share it with my teammates. Right now I am the IGL and the main AWP in the team.

My main task as the IGL is to make calls and react to a situation on the map as fast as possible. Of course I always need to keep an eye on our team and enemy team's economy to know which round we should do at the moment. Outside the game it is more about the atmosphere in the team. Friendly environment is the key to success outside the game.

— Windigo had some roster changes a month ago. What was the main reason of  SPELLAN's kick? What is difference between Windigo now and then? What do you think about Blocker?
— We couldn't find the best solution for the team at that time. The four other players and the coach had different visions on how we should work as a team. SPELLAN was the IGL. We didn't agree with him about many things, regarding our game style. That was the main reason. Right now we have good chemistry in the team. Everyone is happy with their role. And I am trying to put everyone in even better positions. We will continue to work hard and I believe that we can achieve the top level soon.

Our game style now is completely different, on CT side, SPELLAN was always trying to build the game around him, and he was giving freedom only to me. But I think every player in our team understands game well enough to be able to make more impactful plays. Now I am explaining a lot to the players about what they need to do. And every player shows he understands me and support my ideas. So now we're having a more aggressive style. We don't stay at one place for the entire game, we are trying to use different combinations and tactics more. We have more rotations now.

Blocker is a good aimer and an entry fragger. I feel like he lacks some experience yet in specific clutch situations but we are working with him already on these things. So overall Blocker is a very strong player.

— Windigo will play in the EPL next season. What are your expectations for this league? What are your goals for next season of the EPL?
— I don't have any expectations. Our goal is to do our best in every game, and we will see the results. Of course I want to make it to the LAN finals.