Bets and wins with VBET: Q&A on how to use the platform

This month, the bookmaker company VBET has become the general partner of the Ukrainian esports organization Windigo Gaming. And today we are making the Q&A session on the most common issues that you may have got while getting acquainted with the platform.

How to perform a registration?

Registration is the first step, as always. In order to register on VBET, you should click on the “Register” section in the upper right side of the website homepage. Next is the standard procedure: your email, password, password confirmation. Don’t forget to choose the preferable currency to bet with!

How to make a deposit?

The next questions are always about the deposit: how and where to make it. So after you have registered and logged in, you choose the “Deposit” button on the top of the website page and select the desired amount of deposit and the payment option. Then double-check the currency you have chosen for betting on the platform.

Types of bets

VBET brand is a part of your modern lifestyle, it supplies the live betting with the high-tech and game changing solutions. The platform meets the views and fully covers modern gamer’s and market demands. Therefore, we will tell you more about the types of bets you can make on VBET.

  • VBET platform includes different types of bets. If you have only one prediction, you should choose the “Single” bet option. This bet option leads you to the easiest win — you forecast the victory and place a bet. Got the right prediction — won the bet.
  • Having more than one prediction, you choose the “Express” bets. You can place your bets on a preferable amount of events, the only rule is that every event must get to a win-win situation in the very end.
  • Having more than three predictions, you can also use “System” or “Chain” bet. This option means combining the stand-alone events, your predictions, and bets. The only thing you need to do is to choose the order of at least three events. Then the system configures the variants of the events you have chosen.

VBET is an innovative, dynamic, and jolly place where you can play for fun! We invite every esports fan and everyone who just wants to try their luck. Bet with VBET and win with your favorite team!

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