Aleksei "Topa" Topchienko joins Windigo Academy

 Yevgeniy "Prof1" Karnachev has left the team, and his place has been taken by  Aleksei "Topa" Topchienko. Aleksei played for  Wanted and  A-Gaming Junior and got prize-winning places at regional and all-Ukrainian competitions.

Windigo Academy's lineup:

  •  Aleksei "Topa" Topchienko
  •  Sergei "Sergiz" Atamanchuk
  •  Dmitrii "rAge" Bolotov
  •  Aleksandr "Psycho" Zlobin
  •  Aleksandr "zend" Tul

The CEO of Windigo Gaming,  Maksym Bednarskyi’s comment:

After unsuccessful attempts to qualify for the Minor, Yevgeniy "Prof1" Karnachev left the team, and his place was offered to the young and promising player, Aleksei "Topa"Topchienko. We've also hired a coach and psychologist who will create a balanced approach of the training process. We believe that young players are our future and that we should do our best to help youth progress. We expect results from our Academy in the next half a year.

 Aleksei "Topa" Topchienko's comment:

I'm very glad to become part of this team and organization. This is the first serious contract and I've worked really hard for it. I've already got to meet the guys, it's a tight-knit team where everyone has a strong desire to progress and move forward.