Aleksandr "zendik" Tul is leaving Windigo Academy

Today we announce that  Aleksandr "zendik" Tul leaves the  Windigo Academy lineup. He has become a team player on July 8, 2018. Later, in May 2019,  zendik was benched, but then returned to the active roster already in June. We thank Aleksandr for the cooperation, we wish him a further success and high achievements in esports!

At the moment,  Windigo Academy team is composed of 4 players —  Shara,  Psycho,  Sergiz and  rAge. In the near future, the team will try out candidates for the role of the fifth player on the roster.

Windigo Academy lineup:

  •  Shara
  •  Psycho
  •  rAge
  •  Sergiz
  •  TBA

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