Aleksandr "zend" Tul Joins Windigo Academy

A change has taken place in our CS:GO academy team.  Artur "Pancher" Mishin is leaving the team, and his place is being taken by  Aleksandr "zend" Tul.

Aleksandr isn't a newbie in esports, he's played in the CIS minor closed qualifier and the main part of the CSGOCase tournament before. Moreover, he has experience with LAN tournaments. Aleksandr played for  handface,  zbrilo and  burning blades.

Aleksandr — second from left

Lineup of Windigo Academy:

  •  Evgenii "PRof1" Karnachev
  •  Sergei "Sergiz"Atamanchuk
  •  Dmitrii "rAge"Bolotov
  •  Aleksandr "Psycho"Zlobin
  •  Aleksandr "zend" Tul

 Aleksandr "zend" Tul's comment:

I'm very glad to have joined the team! It's a good atmosphere here, and I've got a warm welcome. I'm as motivated as one can be to strengthen the squad.

The СЕО of Windigo Gaming,  Maksym Bednarskyi's comment:

After a series of failed attempts to qualify for the international tournaments, we decided that a change was required. I hope that zend will be able to fit in fast. We're also trying a few candidates for the coach position. Stay tuned and cheer for Windigo!