5 tips to get better at CS:GO by v1c7oR

Hi, everyone. In this blog, I'll share my secrets on how to become a better CS:GO player!

1 — Sleep schedule

The first advice I might give you is the proper sleep schedule. Every single person should understand that the sleep schedule is a big factor in the games, because sleep gives you strength to play and try hard. Every single day I prefer to wake-up, drink a glass of hot water to clear my stomach, then 15 mins later eat some energy food like bananas or a mix of fruit. As soon as you've started practicing your aiming, tactics, movement, nades and so on, you should forget about things that might distract you from the game to remain fully focused.

2 — Perseverance

Practicing and improving your shooting skills is not an easy part of the game. You need to put a lot of hours into the game so you can learn all of the spray patterns. It requires a lot control. The idea is that you need to practice everyday with bots or on a DM service to find your own style.

3 — Don't overplay your role

The 3rd Advice is very important, don't overplay your role and ruin any hard work you have done already. You need to understand that sometimes you might not be hitting anybody at all but you can become a shooting god just 5 mins later. That will come when you start to feel the game. There are several types of shooting used in CS:GO such as one tapping, spraying, burst-firing and AD-AD shooting (which is basically shooting while moving). Every single type of shooting has his needs so, first of all you need to learn them all, then you will become better!

Positioning has a big part, as well, it all depends on the movement most of the time. Even if you are not a perfect shooter, you still can have a godlike movement and make the work easier for you with the shooting part. Whatever the situation might be, the moves you make around the map might make your shooting more precise and be on point most of the time. So you need to learn what your way is and how you do it. It might take a hundred or even a thousand of hours until you realize what you can do, but in the end you will be happy with the improvements!

When i tried to become a better player, I just played a lot, it didn't even matter if I got rekt or I was the one destroying the opponents. It's important to understand that it is not an easy task to perform the same all the time, since it kind of depends on the situation, as well. I don't know if tier-1 pro players spend a lot time playing DeathMatch or private servers in order to improve their movement and their nades, but training on DeathMatch servers for 2-3 hours per day is my key to success.

4 — Rest

The 4th advice is have some rest. I think that 4-5 hours a day should be enough for you to get the game out of your mind and do something else. I personally watch movies.

5 — Don't give up

The 5th Advice is YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS AND HOW IT HAPPENS! Sometimes you might think that you're bad at the game and you can't hit anything at all, but actually it's about your mindset. This is a game and it cannot be on your side 100% of the time. You should not retreat, step back and throw away the work you've done, you have to be satisfied with yourself sometimes as well as with what you've done already and what you might do in the future. The never give up idea plays a big role in this type of FPS games.

IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST, YOU HAVE TO BEAT YOURSELF FIRST! Then the rest! Everyone should know that the biggest opponent of everyone is himself. You need to learn how you can control your mind, and then everything else will come by itself. These are my keys to success now. I hope that my advice might help someone become a better player and I hope to see him at the competitive CS:GO scene in the future.

Peace and Have Fun everyone! Oh, and also follow me on Twitter!